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Why Buy Local ?

Thoughtful Harvest products were created by Chef Keith Snow to provide consumers with an alternative to highly processed store-bought food products that contain foreign commodity ingredients, often from China. These practices are killing US farmers so we want to help. Take a few minutes and listen to the audio below....WARNING-YOU MAY GET MAD

After scouring the country tasting, testing and evaluating the finest local ingredients, we source our ingredients from small to mid-sized family farms, grower coops and artisans producers that are committed to sustainable farming and high quality. They grow or make the best and have been doing it for generations under family ownership.

Supporting US companies stands in stark contrast to our competitors who use value-priced commodity ingredients from abroad with no thought to how they were grown or acquired. Most of our competitors ignore readily-available American grown ingredients instead buying cheaper products from overseas, anything to make an extra buck.

Each Thoughtful Harvest product is carefully formulated in Chef Keith Snow’s test kitchen and made under Chef Snow’s direct personal supervision in small batches. This ensures a premium, hand-crafted product that is made with care by somebody you know. These products are all-natural, contain no preservatives or additives, no water and no phony marketing.

In addition to sourcing the most pro-american ingredients, we also profile our suppliers, artisans and grower co-ops right on this website. Transparency of this kind has never been done. Our family of customers knows EXACTLY where each ingredients came from and who produced it.  This is revolutionary in the food products business. 

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