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Making Great Sauces

We Use The Best Ingredients From US Sources, Not Cheap Imported Ingredients

Let's face it folks, bottled pastas sauces are as ubiquitous as toasters or diet soda. Their are hundreds of brands of sauce on store shelves all vying for your attention. This begs the question why would a start up company like ours attempt to market a product in the face of such stiff competition? Well just like the iPhone was introduced into stiff cell phone competition yet it proved to be better, we seek to disrupt this market as well. Our sauces have more value, more ingredients, more flavor and more versatility then our competitors, bar none.

Open up the jar of the competitions's product you will see these sauces are watery, runny and devoid of ingredients. Most competitors use inferior ingredients like tomato paste, lots of water, dehydrated onions, garlic and get these ingredients from the cheapest possible off-shore sources. If a competitor does use fresh ingredients they hardly put any in the product. They attempt to dazzle you with marketing claims like "It's In There" or "100% Imported Italian Tomatoes" or "Grandma's Secret Italian Recipe" or "Made in A Green Facility" or "Real Italian Taste" etc.   Pretty much total HOG WASH.

How The Other Guys Do It

Most sauces are bottled in such high volumes that they cannot spend the time needed to use real culinary techniques.  Most of our competitors add all the ingredients at once in a computer controlled bulk tank and heat exchanger to quickly bottle their sauce.  Workers follow computer programs designed by a food scientists. This is not the way to produce great tasting sauces, not even close!

We Use Classic Culinary Techniques

Standing in stark contras, we use small kettles to slowly saute onions and garlic in extra virgin olive oil then use a special oil infusion technique that pulls out flavors from our signature ingredients into our oil to make the sauces truly something special. This takes time and personal attention by our team of dedicated chefs. There are no computers or industrial machinery making our sauce....just real cooking techniques and real ingredients to make real food.....what a concept!

thoughtful Harvest- A Boutique Brand

Due to the fact that our products are made in small batches by hand our supply is limited. We cannot and do not want to supply the world. We want to hand-craft our products and carefully grow this brand to ensure that product quality is THE most important aspect of our business.  

Here is what some customers emailed us about our products...

These sauces are superior to anything on the market with their complexity and deep flavors.
Even an excellent home cook would have trouble sourcing such amazingly fresh ultra-high quality ingredients.
Once Chef Snow comes out with the marinara sauce, my sauce making days are over!
I keep many jars of each variety on hand as they are perfect for a last minute pasta nights, and even better in casseroles like baked ziti.
The problem I have is trying not to eat the whole jar with a spoon...

Jake K.
‪PS your Spaghetti sauce was so delicious - So full of flavor — And that’s coming from someone who makes their own sauce from fresh tomatoes‬, ‪really top notch - Thank you so much for making some more of it‬

 Sent at 12:46 PM on Thursday
Consider the difference in taste and texture between a peak-ripened garden tomato and one of those cardboard winter tomatoes available in supermarkets.  That approximates the difference between Thoughtful Harvest Sun Dried Tomato & Rosemary vs, every mass-market brand of pasta sauces.  

Eric A.
My wife and I were thrilled when we received our thoughtful harvest basil pesto sauce. The taste and texture created a wonderful dynamic I’ve come to expect from chef Snow. This will definitely make it onto our shopping list.”

Sean A
An additional bonus in taste and texture is that the Thoughtful Harvest Creamy Basil Pesto contains high-quality cheese. This is not a mixture of ‘dairy product’ supplemented with fillers and unnatural chemicals designed to temporarily fool taste buds, often followed by strange after tastes.  The Harvest Eating sauce tastes and feels like natural food from another era.
Eric A.
These sauces complement more than pasta or bread.  I’ve enjoyed dipping cooked green vegetables (e.g., broccoli and Brussels sprouts) into them.  These sauces awaken the vegetables.
Eric. A

Most companies will NOT tell you where their ingredients come from. Just listing "Olive Oil" or "onions" on a label really does not give consumers much information. We tell you who are suppliers are.

Our sauces are loaded with luscious US sourced ingredients, they are thick and you can see all of the featured ingredients. 

Our Creamy Basil Pesto is loaded with fresh basil, cheese and organic cream.  Our Sun Dried Tomato & Rosemary has plenty of chunky California dried tomatoes and the unmistakable aroma of fresh rosemary. Our Flame Roasted Red Pepper is full of "roasty" peppers, garlic, fresh herbs, cheese and olive oil

We add  NO preservatives, additives, fillers, sugar or excess water. All of our sauces are Gluten Free and NON GMO!

So, while the other products try to dazzle you with marketing we let our ingredients and their sources do the talking. We also offer a No Questions Asked Return Policy, if you don't love our product just Contact Us, we will provide you a prompt refund of your costs including shipping.

Yes, we're that sure you will love thoughtful Harvest products.