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Our Suppliers

We Believe In Transparency

Part of the brand promise at thoughtful Harvest is to show our customers where the ingredients we use come from. We source only US grown or raised ingredients, whenever possible. Currently, black pepper is the ONLY ingredient we currently cannot find in the US. We're hopeful to find it in Hawaii or Puerto Rico some time soon.

Most food products in stores contain foreign ingredients like onions, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, oils etc.  As an American company we feel it's wrong to buy something like onions or garlic from China when we have small farmers right here in the US that need our support.  

We Buy From The Following US Sources-Click names to visit their websites

Christopher Ranch-CA

We buy heirloom Monviso garlic from Christopher Ranch.

Van Drunnen Farms-Il

Thoughtful Harvest and Chef Keith Snow are proud to be working with Van Drunnen Farms of southern Illinois to supply us with high quality fresh herbs, bell peppers, garlic etc.

Supherb Farms-CA

We purchase fresh herbs, some vegetables and purees from Supherb. their quality controls are excellent and the products are excellent.

Corto Olive-CA

Thoughtful Harvest and Chef Keith snow are proud to call Corto Olive Oil our official olive oil for all Thoughtful Harvest products. This small family run business grows the olive trees, harvests the olives, presses the oil and packages the oil all right on the farm, this is California single estate olive oil at it's finest.

The Grande Cheese Company -Wisconsin

Thoughtful Harvest and Chef Keith Snow are proud to name The Grande Cheese Company as the official Italian cheese supplier to Thoughtful Harvest. We will be using their aged Italian cheeses, Romano & Parmesan in two separate sauce flavors. Italy produces great cheese no-doubt....but so does Wisconsin

Organic Valley-Wisconcin

We love to use Organic Valley dairy in our products. It's a grower coop where farmers get a fair wage for their products and it's certified organic and cows are pasture fed.

BelGioso Cheese Inc.-Wisconsin

We source excellent cheeses for our pasta sauce products from this fine Wisconsin based company with a 100 year history. they make excellent cheeses and we re proud to partner with this fine brand of US made cheese.

Cross Valley Farms

Cross Valley Farms™ offers the freshest fruits, vegetables and herbs straight from the field to kitchens across America. From apples to avocados and cucumbers to cilantro, each product is harvested in prime growing regions and packed at the peak of ripeness to ensure garden fresh color, taste and texture. Plus, each fruit and vegetable meets the highest standards of food safety. 

Neil Jones Foods-California

The majority of our plum tomatoes come from Neil Jones Foods  in California. This family has been farming in California's central valley since 1929

Sweet Vidalia Onions -Georgia

We use beautiful sweet onions from the sunny state of Georgia. We are also starting to source Wala Wala and Texas Super Sweet onions as well.

The Morning Star Company

The Morning Star Company is one of the leading tomato growers in the US. The are headquartered right in the tomato growing area of California. They grow amazing quality tomatoes which make our sauces taste excellent.

Morton Kosher Salt-Illinois

We use only Morton kosher salt in products that require salt. We feel this salt is excellent at making our foods taste more intense. Tomatoes taste more "tomatoey", garlic tastes more garlicky, etc.  this salt does not leave a salty aftertaste like table salt.

If you know of a great source for any of these or other ingredients from a sustainable US source please lets us know.

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