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Have a great food product that can be made with US sourced ingredients?  

You may qualify for our licensing program which enables you to use our brand to market your products. The thoughtful Harvest brand is the only food brand in the USA to connect suppliers and consumers through specialty foods such as sauces, dressings, baked goods, drinks etc. all with the expressed purpose of eliminating foreign sourced ingredients from the US food supply.

With local food buying so important today thoughtful Harvest allows consumers to buy many different types of products with the assurance that all the ingredients come from US sources.

Licensing our brand helps you get your product to market without having to create a name, logo, etc.  As a licensee you get to use our marketing materials, website, design support, logo and much more so you can get your product to market quickly.

Use the form below to contact us and have a tam member get in touch with you about licensing opportunities.

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